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Begin with the End in Mind

Get help creating the foundational language and marketing plan for your enterprise. 

Are you taking a shoot-from-the-hip approach to marketing your business? It may work for a while, but it probably won't generate the results you want in the long run. 

Help is available. It's affordable, powerful, and will motivate you to reach (or set) audacious goals for your enterprise.

Experience the Power of Strategic Brand Language

How do you describe what your business offers? Do you talk about what you sell without any mention of how your buyer benefits from working with you? It's a common mistake. Fortunately, we have the cure.

Praesentia's innovative brand messaging process brings your ideas to life. It's like having your very own entrepreneurial muse, someone who connects the dots of your business dream and describes it in a way that will seduce your target market and motivate referral sources to send people your way. The powerful general and targeted messages created during the process serve as foundational language that can be adapted for use in owned, earned, and paid media initiatives. As an added bonus, Praesentia's brand language consulting process almost always generates ideas for new product and service offerings, so get ready to be inspired.

Generate Results with the Simple Marketing Plan

Once you know what you're going to say about what you offer, how do you get the word out without breaking the bank? Which marketing activities are right for your business?

Cue Praesentia. The Simple Marketing Plan delivers a custom-built strategy for promoting your enterprise, with everything linked to the overall goals for your enterprise. Know exactly what types of owned, earned, and paid media are right for your business. Know exactly how you will solicit, manage, and leverage customer reviews. Know exactly how referral sources can drive prospects your way, and which social media platforms make sense for your business.

Your Simple Marketing Plan will include a 12-month implementation budget that gives you a look at the month-by-month cash flow impact of all recommendations. Don't underestimate the power of this simple worksheet. It gives you the information you need to set priorities, choose activities, and phase the implementation of your plan. The Simple Marketing Plan process gives you lots of options. Coordinate it yourself, contract it out to Praesentia, or sign up for our affordable coached implementation program. 

Hope You’re Not Shy

Why? Because you’re going to get noticed.


Call 615.400.1333 today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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