Paid Media: It's All About Choices

Simply stated, paid media is advertising you pay for. Paid media can include ads you see on television, in newspapers and magazines, and hear on the radio. It can also include clickable ads placed in online publications, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google Adwords, Facebook ads and boosts, and much more.

When most business owners think about marketing, paid media is what comes to mind first. It's important to know that paid media is just one arrow in your marketing quiver. The importance of the paid media arrow and how often it's deployed depends on a lot of factors, including the type of business you're running.

If the thought of paid media makes you nervous, here's how Praesentia can help.

Where Should You Advertise?

It can be hard to decide, especially when the TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and public bathroom stall door advertisers are all claiming that their opportunities are the only solution you need. If you're like most business owners, you can benefit from some objective help. Praesentia's Simple Marketing Plan includes recommendations for the best paid media placements given your type of business and your budget. We also offer ongoing coaching and support to help you evaluate new opportunities and determine whether they're worth pursuing.  If you want us to field calls from those pesky sales reps, we will!

Getting help could save you a bundle. Call Praesentia at 615.400.1333 or email us.

Get the Best Deal

When you've found a placement opportunity that looks like a good fit, there's always room for negotiation on price. Praesentia can help you get the most exposure for your money by working to negotiate a better deal on price and placment, and to secure editorial coverage to accompany paid placements. 

Get more for your money.  Call Praesentia today at 615.400.1333 or email us.

Create Brilliant Display, Video, and Radio Ads

Whether you're advertising on television, radio, in print, online, on a park bench or somewhere else great ads start with great concepts and end with great production. Praesentia can take you from concept to copy to layout/production to the finished product with as much (or as little) involvement as you like.  

Maximize Online Traffic

Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online paid media opportunities can greatly extend your reach. Let Praesentia develop a strategy for the deployment of these powerful tools and then develop compelling copy to motivate desired behavior.

It's possible to be smart and proactive about your paid media choices. All it takes is a little help. Call Praesentia today at 615.400.1333 or email us.