Can Praesentia Help You?

Get noticed. Get more clients. Change the world!

Praesentia can help you reach your goals. Our strategic planning skill is unparalleled and our tactical toolkit includes everything from the traditional to the unorthodox. 


Get help creating the foundational language and marketing plan for your enterprise. 

Commercial Writing

Transform ordinary communications into something powerful and memorable. 

Social Media Services

Make social media work for you.

Owned Media Services

Get help developing a website, brochures, videos, and more for your business.

Earned Media Services

Take control of the conversation about your company.

Paid Media Services

Stop throwing money down the drain by making better choices about paid advertising.

Coming Soon: Online Programs

Get ready to peek behind the curtain. You'll soon be able to learn how to implement Praesentia's proven approach to marketing on your own. Online workshops and group coaching opportunities for entrepreneurs are now being developed. Check back for updates.

Praesentia can help you reach your goals. Call 615.400.1333 or email us.