Offering top-notch facilitation services that can be customized to meet your group’s unique needs, Praesentia helps you get results by clearing away obstacles to effective collaboration, communication and teamwork. 

Strategic Planning the OGSM Way

Does your organization’s strategic plan do little more than gather dust on a shelf? Make your next strategic plan a living, breathing document that drives all action in your organization. Using OGSM methodology, Praesentia helps your group develop a plan that defines objectives, goals, strategies, metrics, action plans and timeframes that cascade to every level in your organization. Translate intention into action with strategic plans that work.    

Facilitated Project Planning Workshops

Blending technical, behavioral and change elements of project management, our skilled facilitator serves as your project management coach who helps you harness the power of the group to develop comprehensive plans for even the most complicated projects.  Praesentia can help get your next project off to a great start. 

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